Water clocks

Thank you to everyone who brought in their recycled bottles for use in our Friday maths challenge.

We used a combination of skills including measure, and reading instructions in order to build and test water clocks.  Pupils were given the challenge to find the correct amount of water to time 1 minute on their clock.  The volume required ranged from 7ml to 110ml!  We discussed why the volumes might be different, what events might be better to time for different clocks, and how to improve the design of their clocks.

Great work P5/6 – you have applied your learning from different areas to undertake a successful experiment!

Please remember that P6 pupils have their first swimming lesson on Monday!

-Mrs. Mac


P6 Swimming

What a wonderful first day back!  It was great to see the class back and excited to learn.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in water or yogurt containers!  We could do with a few more so please keep them coming!

P6 families, please ensure to return swimming permission forms this week!

-Mrs. Mac

Recycled materials required!

I hope you are all rested after your Easter Holidays and looking forward to Term 4, I know I am!

In our first week back to round off our unit on time P5/6 are going to be making their own timing devices.  Could pupils please bring any plastic bottles and yogurt pots they have?  We can use these in our creations.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Mac

Fort George

We had a great time on Monday at Fort George.  We explored and learned more about this historic fort and it’s role during the Second World War.

The children were given opportunities to explore artifacts related to the war and learned more about the tools soldiers would have had.  The helmets were heavy and the gas masks a little ‘Dr. Who’ like!

We finished the day enjoying the view of the Moray Firth from one of the look out points.  It was on the beach below that the soldiers would have practiced for the D-Day landings we have been learning about in school.


The children asked interesting questions to the museum staff – in fact, so good that one of the gentlemen had to ‘google’ one of the answers!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter Holiday.  See you on the 16th!

-Mrs. Mac


I hope you have all enjoyed looking at your children’s profile books.  These are their red jotters which went home last week full of your child’s targets, achievements, and some of their favorite pieces of work from the year so far.

Please return these jotters to school as soon as possible as we’ll be adding to them again from the very beginning of term 4!

-Mrs. Mac

Monday’s Trip

We are all very much looking forward to Monday’s class trip!

A few reminders:

-each child will need a packed lunch which we’ll be eating at 11:30, so you might choose to pack a snack for the afternoon as well

-please pack plenty of water

-sturdy shoes will be required

-check the forecast and dress for the weather!

Look for an update on Monday for plenty of photos of our adventures!

-Mrs. Mac

Deputy First Minister’s Easter Holiday Maths Challenge

Highland Numeracy Blog


The Deputy First Minister’s Easter Holiday Maths Challenge has been designed in partnership with the Scottish Mathematical Council and is aimed at Primary 6 pupils for the Easter Holidays.

“It’s very much hoped that this will be a fun activity to promote maths outwith the classroom and ideally something that families can do together over the Easter holidays.  The initiative is a feature of the Making Maths Count approach to making Scotland a maths-positive nation, and of the Scottish Government’s commitment to promoting parental engagement in learning.”

Follow these links for more information:

Easter Maths Challenge


Packs of the resources will be issued to schools for Primary 6 pupils this week. A few additional have been included and they hope that teachers might identify p5 and/or p7 families who would also engage with it.

Workings and solutions will be available here – www.blogs.gov.scot/making-maths-count/ –…

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Easter Egg Decorating Competition

Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Each year we ask the children to decorate a hard-boiled egg in class.  These are then judged and a winner and runner up from each year group receive an Easter egg at our awards ceremony.

Children are asked to bring in an undecorated hard-boiled egg.  They can also bring in egg cups/holders and extra art materials if they wish.

The school will provide glue, paint, and various art resources so that everyone can create something in the time given.

(Polystyrene eggs can be provided for anyone who requires an alternative.)

A pdf version of these details is below:

Easter Egg decorating competition 2018

We look forward to seeing this year’s eggcellent creations!

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Home numeracy ideas….

This game is a favourite in P5/6 at the moment.  “Guess the Number”.  The idea is that one player chooses a number, but doesn’t tell the other player.  They have to ask yes or no questions to figure out what the number is.  You can keep track of the numbers it isn’t by crossing off numbers on the 100 square below.  hundred square

Make it more challenging:

-limit the number of questions (I find 8-12 is a good limit)

-make sure each question uses mathematical language – instead of ‘is it between 1 and 50’, ask ‘is it greater than 1 and less than 50’

This game offers practice of the times tables in particular as children will ask, is it in the three times table, then will have to cross out all the numbers that are or aren’t in the three times table depending on the answer!

Good luck!


Homework Week Beginning 19th March

Last week we studied the effects of plastic on the environment and thought about replacement products.  This week we will be learning more about rationing in World War Two.  This week can you ‘make do and mend?’ – make or design a toy out of recycled materials.

It seems the children in P5/6 are excited about the opportunity to make a toy, they had lots of questions to clarify this afternoon, so some additional information is…

-the supplies don’t have to be strictly recycleable, but should be ‘left over’ for example off cuts of wood, or found objects

-you can ‘upcycle’ toys (with consent from parents!)

-you may use some supplies which aren’t recycled for example tape, pens, glue, etc.

-the creation may be a toy or a game

Have fun!

-Mrs Mac