Health and Well-being Week

Last week was Health And Well-Being Week at Glenurquhart Primary and pupils enjoyed an exciting range of assemblies and workshops.  We also enjoyed daily outdoor lessons to get plenty of fresh air!

On Thursday P5/6 had a great time at our karate taster session!  Stay tuned for information about an after school club.

Later on Thursday the class worked co-operatively in small groups to create an “obstacle course for squirrels”.  This made the most of their problem solving and team work skills.  I was impressed by how well the teams worked together to build an obstacle course using limited materials – well done P5/6!




In the last week of term the children’s red profile books went home for families to look at and comment on.  I have enjoyed receiving most of them back to the school and reading the comments you have made on your child’s progress so far.

There are still a few outstanding.  If you still have this red jotter at home, could you please read and return it to the school urgently as the children will be using them again this week!

Thank you,

Mrs. Mac

Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful break.

This week is Health and Well-being week at Glenurquhart Primary and so we will be focusing our learning on improving our mental, physical and emotional well-being.  We have a few exciting assemblies and activities for P5/6 to take part in!

In our assembly today Mrs. Laird talked to us about having a growth mindset.  On this theme we set some New Year’s Resolutions in P5/6 today, we put them inside a folder and decorated this folder with exciting fireworks displays.


Please remember that Mrs. Laird is hosting a free breakfast at the school at 8:30 each morning this week – all pupils are welcome to come along!

-Mrs. Mac

Should children have the right to vote?

Today P5/6 held our class debate – arguing both sides of “Should children have the right to vote for MSPs?” as our final task in our topic about the Scottish Parliament.  We have been working on various listening and talking skills, along with the use of persuasive language to prepare for this Key Assessment Task.

Each child worked as part of a group to share ideas about whether or not children should have the right to vote in Scottish Parliamentary Elections.  They did very well to come up with interesting ideas, using the internet for support with finding evidence to back up their thoughts.

Interestingly the “nos” took the final vote with 12 children voting against children having the right to vote and 9 voting in favor.

Why not ask your child what they think tonight?  They should be well informed on the matter!

Christmas Fayre – Friday 15th December

We look forward to welcoming you to our Christmas Fair  on Friday at 11.15am.  If you are unable to attend and wish to reserve your child’s crafts your child may bring money in and buy their items before the sale starts.  There will be stalls such as Guess the number of sweets and Name the teddy which your child can take part in during the day.  P5/6 have made pom-pom ornaments and paper-craft tree decorations which are £1.00 and 50p respectively.

We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow.

-Mrs. Mac

Visit from our MSP

On Friday we had a very special guest visit our class. The pupils in P5/6 wrote to our local MSP Kate Forbes as part of our topic on the Scottish Parliament and we were delighted when she arranged to visit us to tell us more about her job and what she does at Hollyrood.

Ms. Forbes helped us to understand how votes work at Hollyrood; we split the class into political parties roughly representative sizes of those in the Scottish Parliament, chose a Presiding Officer and held a class vote.  The class’ ‘Scottish Liberal Party’ used all their political manoeuvring to seal a victory for their motion.

The children asked fantastic questions of our Member of Scottish Parliament. I think there may be a few budding politicians in our midst!

-Mrs. Mac


This week’s homework

Learning Intention: I can reflect on what kids of jobs will suit my skills and personality

visit: and log in – everyone in the class has been registered.  The website should pick up our school when you begin typing, but please ensure to type Glenurquhart as all one word.

If you have any problems please comment below and we will try to solve them as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mrs. Mac