Mapping – continued


The children have continued their work on mapping today, using great care to accurately draw the boundaries of the school garden from the measurements I provided.  Next week we will be cutting out the school to place in the proper spot in the school ground, and taking some time to add other features and landmarks.

The skills we’ve used today to draw the outline of the school grounds are:



-measuring and drawing angles



I saw this poster on social media and thought I would share as the pupils found a fledgling on Monday and were concerned about it’s well-being.  It ended up flying away


with it’s mum later in the day.


Profile Jotters and Feedback forms

Please return your child’s profile jotters and report feedback forms to school by Monday 25th as they will continue to be updated.

Primary 1/2 ~ Mr Macleod

There are still a number of children who haven’t yet returned their Profile jotter or their Report Feedback Form.  Please can these both be returned to the school by Monday 25th June.


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Map Making

As part of their key assessment task the P5/6 class worked with Mrs Laird today to create a scale map of the school grounds.  This was a challenging task but the children learnt various skills:

  • you can measure one part and then multiply it if it is the same size
  • measure right up against the part you are measuring
  • measure each straight part to each corner
  • have a clear marker for the end of the metre stick to improve accuracy
  • keep the metre stick/ trundle wheel straight for a true measurement
  • watch the trundle wheel clicks – are they 1m or 1/2 a metre
  • keep a tally when added big measurements

P5 P.E.

For P.E. with Mrs Laird this week P5 practiced their jumping skills.  We practised hop, skip, leap, jump combinations, keeping out heads up and bending our knees.  We also practiced jumping high and distances as well as, doing some skipping skill challenges.  Some of the children even managed to skip in pairs!


P6/7 Transition Dance Money due Monday

Originally posted on Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin: Time to look out your dancing shoes! Our P6/7 transition dance will be held at Glen Urquhart High School from 7pm – 9pm on Thursday 14th June 2018. This includes P7s and P6s from Glenurquhart, Balnain and Cannich Bridge Primary Schools. Tickets cost £4 and include refreshments. Please find…

via P6/7 Transition Dance! — Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin


If your child is interested in attending the transition dance at the High School please send £4 along on Monday.  This dance is for current P6s and P7s.

-Mrs. Mac

The modern classroom

I didn’t get around to sharing this picture last week, but I enjoyed this moment in P5/6 – there’s a real mixture of old and new with pupils using our new Chromebooks and some using “good old fashioned” notebooks.  Pupils will get the chance to do some of their writing using the Chromebooks, this is proving to be a positive experience to supplement the hand-writing we do in class.


-Mrs. Mac

No PE Wednesday

Because Mrs. Woodhouse is away on an adventure with pupils from the High School there will be no PE tomorow…however…there will be a special session up at the High School with Mr. Hay from the Technology Department.

-Mrs. Mac

P.E. with Mrs Laird

Due to a mix up with the buses yesterday, P5/6 got an hour session of P.E. with Mrs Laird instead of swimming.  We practised running at speed, running round corners and sprint starts from various positions.  The children learnt about using their arms, high knees and body position to project themselves forward.